Challenge 1

Welcome to the SwiftUI Animation Challenge where we hand out animation challenges that everyone can participate in and solve.

This week’s challenge is inspired by the Spotify now playing animation in its macOS app:

? How does it work?

You can submit your video for this challenge until Wednesday, July 27, 2022. Submissions are done in form of Pull Requests (PRs) to this repository (Not sure how to do that? We got you covered!). Create a folder with your project inside and give that folder a clear name (e.g. your name, so that we know whose solution it was).

When the deadline is there, Amos and Stefan will not only discuss the solutions by the community, but also reveal their solutions to the problem and give a walkthrough.

? Why?

Great question! We are both passionate about animations, SwiftUI, and the community. It’s always fun to exchange ideas on how to solve certain challenges and if we can profit from each other’s solutions it’s a win-win-situation for everybody.

We benefit because we learn cool new tricks and solutions from the community and hope to give back the same. The community comes together and learns cool techniques how to improve their apps. Which even benefits end-users with better UX. See, it’s great for all the people! ?

? How to get started?

If you already have a strategy to start and solve the challenge, then go ahead. This is more aimed at people who are not that experienced with building up something like this. It an be overwhelming at the beginning, which is why we recommend to first by looking at the video itself and playing it over and over again. Until you really understand what is going on in the animation. Then, try to figure out the UI elements that are part of the animation. When you have those you can start building up a basic UI in SwiftUI and are over that initial hurdle of starting.

What we then recommend you to do is to try to figure out how the elements behave themselves and how they (maybe) interact with each other. This way you might find a way to start with the basic animations that take place and can finetune from there.

If you get stuck at any point always feel free to tweet at Amos and/or Stefan. We’re always happy to chat and help you when you are stuck or have questions. Good luck in the challenge!


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