Sidebar App

This is a template repository for quickly creating boilerplate code for a SwiftUI macOS app.


This app is released into the public domain under The Unlicense. See LICENSE file for more information.


This is a Github template repository that you can create your new repository from by clicking the big green “Use this template” button on Github.

Here’s a screenshot:

Sidebar App

What you get is an Xcode project with boilerplate code for a SwiftUI-based macOS app with a few things already set up:

  • A sidebar plus a button and menu options for toggling the sidebar.
  • A menu bar button that shows a SwiftUI view when left-clicked or a menu when right clicked.
  • A siderbar search box, but also a detail view pane specific searchbox in the window toolbar.
  • A detail view pane with an example drop target for dropping files onto the window.
  • A custom About window containing a SwiftUI view, and an attributions view, also in SwiftUI.
  • A menu option for toggling whether the window should always float on top of other windows.
  • A custom menu for arbitrary menu options.
  • An Export menu option replacement.
  • A tabbed settings window.


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