Custom AVPlayerLayer on view and transition player with good effect like youtube and facebook.


    ex. use when change player view frequently like tableView / collectionView
    import MMPlayerView
    mmPlayerLayer.playView = cell.imgView
    mmPlayerLayer.set(url:, state: { (status) in 


let url = URL.init(string: "")!
playView.replace(cover: CoverA.instantiateFromNib())
playView.set(url: url, thumbImage: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "seven")) { (status) in
    switch status {
       case ....


1. Set transition config
    required init?(coder aDecoder: NSCoder) {
       super.init(coder: aDecoder)
        self.mmPlayerTransition.present.pass { (config) in
            // setting
2. Set MMPLayerToProtocol on PresentedViewController
3. Set MMPlayerPrsentFromProtocol on PresentingViewController


ex. only set present transition can use shrink video
(self.presentationController as? PassViewPresentatinController)?.shrinkView()


1.Set AppDelegate
func application(_ application: UIApplication, supportedInterfaceOrientationsFor window: UIWindow?) ->        
    UIInterfaceOrientationMask {
    if window == MMLandscapeWindow.shared {
        return .allButUpsideDown
    } else {
        return ....
2. Observer orientation when landscape call function
    MMLandscapeWindow.shared.makeKey(root: full, playLayer: self.mmPlayerLayer, completed: {

Cover View


## add cover item view on player
play.replace(cover: CoverA.instantiateFromNib())


// Custom your progress view and it will add on player center
// view need to implement ProgressProtocol, and add progress in this view, when start/stop control what need to do
.custom(view: <#T##MMProgressProtocol#>)
 public protocol MMProgressProtocol {
     func start()
     func stop()

Layer Protocol

// detect if touch in videoRect
// if touch out of videoRect will not trigger show/hide cover view event
public protocol MMPlayerLayerProtocol: class {
 func touchInVideoRect(contain: Bool) // 


     public enum CoverViewFitType {
        case fitToPlayerView // coverview fit with playerview
        case fitToVideoRect // fit with VideoRect
     public enum ProgressType {
        case `default`
        case none
        case custom(view: ProgressProtocol)
    public var progressType: MMPlayerView.ProgressType  
    public var coverFitType: MMPlayerView.CoverViewFitType
    public var changeViewClearPlayer: Bool // rest url when change view 
    public var hideCoverDuration: TimeInterval // auto hide cover view after duration
    lazy public var thumbImageView: UIImageView 
    public var playView: UIView?
    public var coverView: UIView? { get }
    public var autoPlay: Bool // when MMPlayerView.MMPlayerPlayStatus == ready auto play video
    public var currentPlayStatus: MMPlayerView.MMPlayerPlayStatus 
    public var cacheInMemory: Bool // its AVPlayerItem cache in memory
    public var playUrl: URL?
    public func showCover(isShow: Bool)
    public func setCoverView(enable: Bool)
    public func delayHideCover()
    public func replace<T: UIView>(cover:T) where T: CoverViewProtocol
    public func set(url: URL?, state: ((MMPlayerView.MMPlayerPlayStatus) -> Swift.Void)?)
    public func startLoading() // if loading finish autoPlay = false, need call where you want
    public weak var mmDelegate: MMPlayerLayerProtocol?


iOS 8.0+
Xcode 8.0+
Swift 3.0+


MMPlayerView is available through CocoaPods. To install
it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "MMPlayerView"


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