Desktop Pets

This is the source code for my macOS app Desktop Pets!.

As you can guess, it brings Desktop Pets to macOS ?

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What’s a Desktop Pet?

It’s just a cute little animal that lives in your computer.

The most popular one was probably the eSheep in Windows 95.

Hope you like them too!


Screenshot of my mac running the app

Open Source vs Production Code

The open source version of the App is missing a few pieces when compared to the App Store version:

  • Integration with Firebase has been removed
  • In-App purchases have been removed
  • Only a subset of pets are available

This does sound fair to me, but I am open to discussions about the openness of the project!

Running the Project

  1. Download and setup Xcode
  2. Open MacPets project from this repo
  3. There’s only one dependency which will be installed via SPM (and many thanks to LaunchAtLogin maintainers!)
  4. That’s it!


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