dotBeat Internet Time

dotBeat is a small app that shows the current Swatch Internet Time in your macOS menu bar. It also includes a ‘simulator’, giving you a view into how Internet Time corresponds to local times across the globe, perfect for when you’re trying to coordinate a meeting time with others.

What is “Swatch Internet Time”? Internet Time was dreamed up by Swatch in 1998. It’s a way to tell time, globally, without time zones. Every day is divided up into 1000 “.beats”, starting from midnight BMT (GMT+1), running from @0 to @999.

In theory, this makes it easier to coordinate meeting times with people across the world: just tell them the .beat, and they can figure out the rest with something like dotBeat. For example, @42 is 4:00 PM in California, but it’s 5:45 AM in Nepal.

“Swatch” is a registered trademark of The Swatch Group Ltd. dotBeat is in no way affiliated with Swatch® or its products.


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