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Goalie is a bespoke time tracking app for macOS. It supports macOS Ventura 13.3+.

I created Goalie for myself to track my daily Japanese language studying.

Download the latest version from GitHub

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  • Track the time you’ve spent on one topic over multiple sessions.
  • Remove sessions created today.
  • Set or remove a daily time goal.
  • View your time tracking history week-by-week.


  • I don’t intended the app to be a full-featured time tracking app for every purpose.
  • The app hasn’t been thoroughly QA tested, integration tested, or unit tested.
  • You can only track one topic.
  • It’s a single window app (intentionally not a MenuBarExtra).
  • Moving between time zones often may cause issues.
  • Using non-Gregorian calendars may cause issues.
  • There may be localization issues.
  • The history view should use a graph.
  • Proper macOS menu items should be available.
  • There’s no auto-update mechanism available yet. Please download new release manually from the releases page.

Brief notes about the implementation

  • The app is written in Swift and SwiftUI.
  • Data is saved to a single file in the app’s container using Codable.

Getting started

  1. Clone the repo. $ git clone git://github.com/twocentstudios/goalie.git
  2. Open goalie.xcodeproj.
  3. Wait for packages to resolve.
  4. Build!


License for source is MIT.

All rights are reserved for image assets.


Goalie was created by Christopher Trott. My development shop is called twocentstudios.


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