QuimoInfo is a medical prescription tracking app designed for mothers of children with Leukemia. The app is developed in Swift and SwiftUI for educational purposes.

Prescription Registration

The app allows mothers to easily register medical prescriptions with the following information:

    Nome (Name): The name of the medication prescribed for the child.

    Dosagem (Dosage): The recommended dosage of the medication.

    Frequência (Frequency): The frequency at which the medication should be administered.

    Data de Expiração (Expiration Date): The expiration date of the prescription.

    Notas (Notes): Any additional notes or instructions related to the prescription.

    The prescription registration interface is presented within a Form view, organized into a Section labeled “Infos.”

    The user can input the relevant details using TextField components.

The “Salvar” (Save) button triggers the formViewModel.savePrescription() method, which processes and saves the entered prescription information.

Interface Styling

The user interface is designed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly experience. The navigation title is set to “Nova Receita” (New Prescription), and the colors are customized with a black foreground color and a yellow accent color. The list row background is given a subtle yellow opacity.


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