Little Lemon Food Ordering App

This is the final project for the iOS App Capstone, part of the Meta iOS Developer Professional Certificate program. The app is a food ordering app that allows users to browse Little Lemon restaurant’s menu and place orders.




  • Onboarding screen that prompts users to enter their personal details.
  • Stack navigation that allows users to access the previous screen using the Back button.
  • Home screen that features a header, hero section, menu breakdown section, and food menu list section.
  • Profile screen that displays the user’s personal details.
  • Ability to save changes in the Profile screen that are retained when the app is restarted.


The design of the Home screen is based on the following wireframe:


Getting Started

To run the app, you’ll need to have Xcode installed. Clone the repository and open the project in Xcode. Then, build and run the app on a simulator or device.


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