Niro is a movie app written in Swift using UIKit, MVC, Firebase and TMDb API. The user interface was built programmatically (no storyboard).

  • Niro enables users to search for movies, TV shows and people (actors, directors, etc.)
  • Niro provides list of top rated, trending and upcoming movies
  • User can rate movies
  • User can add movies to favorites and watchlist



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  • Alamofire: Alamofire simplifies the process of making network requests

  • Cosmos: Cosmos is used to control the star rating

  • Firebase: Firebase is used in the project for authentication, storing users’ favorites and watchlists

  • SnapKit: SnapKit is used to set the constraints programmatically

How to run Niro ?

  • Clone this repository.
  • Via the terminal, go to the root folder of the project and run
 pod install
  • Open the workspace file.


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