Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup iOS Webtiles wrapper


This project aims to make DCSS webtiles a joy to play on any iOS device without an external keyboard. Works best in iPad devices.

The webtiles UI has a few problems:

  • No way to bring up a system keyboard forcing the use of an external keyboard
  • Hard to play without access to normal keyboard keys like: arrow keys, return, escape, etc.
  • Some automatic web browser behaviors (e.g. auto magnification of text boxes) make things clunky

How to play

  • Launch the app
  • Login to your webtiles account
  • Use the built in bar at the bottom to send key commands to the game
  • Long press any command to repeatedly send it to the game
  • Swipe up on the bar to access a secondary set of commands

Built in commands

  • Shortcuts for auto-explore, auto-combat, rest
  • Arrow keys (nw, ne, se, sw directions are part of the secondary commands)
  • Escape key
  • Bring up and enter commands using any iOS Keyboard
  • Find an item


This project is maintained in my spare time only so all contributions are welcome.

Contributors are asked to be respectful of others and to do their best to keep this an inviting and open place to discuss issues.


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