La Marque

Real-time Depth Rendering Audio/Visual iOS Application. That converts 2D images into interact-able 3D point clouds.

This is an iOS App, macOS App I had made a while back. There isn’t any inherent utility behind besides demonstrating a couple technologies and being sort of an Abstract Art Exhibition of sorts.

Wanted to open source this in preparation for xrOS and anyone that may want a starting point in potentially creating mixed reality experiences. This Repo will be updated in accordance to new knowledge and updates from xrOS. In accordance, MarbleKit and GlassKit will also be updated to support the rendering and audio side separately outside of the app, as this demo application is dependent on both Swift Packages.

Screen Recording 2023-06-01 at 5.40.14 AM.gif


HAVE NOT TESTED ON M-CHIP Macs yet, as my personal is still Intel

This app uses an archived design pattern of mine GraniteUI. If you’d like to use it, beware I won’t be updating it anymore as I moved on to my latest one Granite. Components should still be separable and plucked out easily, for your own personal needs in a native SwiftUI app.

A package that is NOT public and has been removed from the app is MarqueKit. I have commented [CAN REMOVE] at various locations that used this kit. It was meant for encoding and decoding as images were the primary form of sharing information in the application with other users.

Some features in the app may not be functional due to this.


  • Clean up code (lots of code left over from other projects)
  • Clean up comments
  • Finish guide section
  • Decoupling guide (Converting the GraniteUI components into native SwiftUI Views)


  • macOS 11.0+ Build passing ?
  • iOS 14.0+ Not tested ?


  • Metal
  • CoreData
  • CoreML
  • SwiftUI
  • Apple Extensions
    • Share
    • Action

Swift Packages




Some code have been re-attributed from other sources, collected over time. Some do not have comment headers, because I realized the same code was attributed as well from other sources. Here I will link exact credits for some of these logics.

Location: /Resources/Design/System

Pure Swift UI by @Brett-Best

SwiftBase58 by @NeoTeo

Depth maps are generated from a custom quantized CoreML model (67Mb) based on this

Location: /Core/Exhibition/AI

MiDaS by @isl-org

The test song, Glass is by me, not copyrighted.

More Previews

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