Easily create graphs that calculate percentiles

How to install this package

  • Open your project on Xcode
  • Go to Project Tab and select “Package Dependencies”
  • Click “+” and search this package with use git clone url
  • Don’t change anything and click Add Package
  • The package will be attached to the targeted application

How to use this package

import SwiftUIPercentChart

struct DemoView: View {
    var body: some View {
        PercentChart(data: [20,10,40,30], 
        percentValue: 150, 
        colorData: [], 
        screenRatio: 0.8, 
        backgroundColor: .primary)

Variables Usage

Variable Type Recommend Usage
data Array(Double)
percentValue Double Enter the percentage rate you want to calculate (If the data exceeds this value, overflow is prevented)
colorData Array(LinearGradient) If you send an empty array, the default colors are used. (There are no restrictions on the array size)
screenRatio Double The value dec 0 to 1 must be entered (Proportions the bar according to the screen width of the device)
backgroundColor Color Sets the color of the bar on the back


It also includes a small touch animation ?


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