Tip Split – iOS Tip Calculator App


Tip Split is a basic tip calculator iPhone app written in Swift. The app allows users to enter a bill amount, select a tip percentage, specify if tax should be included, and divide the total tip amount evenly among a chosen number of people.


  • User input for bill amount with decimal keyboard
  • Segmented control to select tax percentage
  • Switch to include or exclude tax from tip calculation
  • Slider to adjust tip percentage
  • Stepper to specify number of people to split tip between
  • Output labels showing tax amount, subtotal, tip percentage, total tip, and per person tip amounts
  • Reset button to clear all fields and start over
  • Action sheet confirmation before resetting values
  • AutoLayout constraints for proper UI across iPhone screens

Technical Details

The app is built as a single view iOS application in Xcode using the Swift programming language. The user interface is designed in Storyboard with AutoLayout constraints.

The main technical components include:

  • UI elements like UITextField, UISegmentedControl, UISwitch, UISlider, UIStepper, UILabels
  • IBOutlets to connect UI elements to view controller
  • IBActions triggered by component interactions like value changed or button tap
  • Custom methods to handle calculations, reset values, and update UI
  • Variables to store input values and calculation results
  • Mathematical operations to calculate tax, subtotal, tip, total, and per person amounts
  • Imported test classes to validate functionality and layout

Getting Started

To run this project on your local machine:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open the project in Xcode
  3. Build and run the app in iPhone simulator or connected device


Using the app to calculate a tip amount:

  • Enter bill amount in text field
  • Select tax percentage from segmented control
  • Toggle tax inclusion switch on or off
  • Move slider to adjust tip percentage
  • Use stepper to select number of people to split tip between
  • Review calculated amounts updated in labels
  • Tap Clear All button and confirm to start over


Default Screen


Insert Bill Amount

a text field is activated when user wants to enter the bill amount


Scenarios with Different Settings

scenario1 scenario2

“Clear All” function



Cici Chang


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