Presenting views from SwiftUI with customized styles, extending beyond sheet and fullscreenCover.


  • Add the missing fade-in fade-out (crossDissolve) and popover presentation style to SwiftUI.
  • (WIP) Bringing the SwiftUI sheet’s height adjustment (detents) API, exclusive to iOS 16, to iOS 15.
  • Make your own presentation style and use it in SwiftUI.


  • iOS 14.0+ (iOS 13 later)
  • Xcode 14.3+


Swift Package Manager

Follow the tutorial published by Apple using the URL for the SwiftUIPresent repo with the current version.



Use present(isPresented: Binding<Bool>, style: some PresentationStyle)

import SwiftUIPresent

struct Example: View {
    @State private var isPresented = false

    var body: some View {
        Button("Present") {
            isPresented = true
        .present(isPresented: $isPresented, style: .fade) {
            Text("Your present content")

Built-in Styles

PresentationStyle The corresponding UIKit styles
.sheet .formSheet
.fade(backgroundColor: UIColor = .clear) .overFullScreen × .crossDissolve
.popover(backgroundColor: UIColor? = nil) (backgroundColor means the bubble’s background color, which you don’t change usually) .popover

Create your own style

Conforming to PresentationStyle, provide you own UIViewController implementation.

(Will add more explanation later)


  • withAnimation(_:_:) has no effect on presentation content. Use animation(_:value:) modifier instead.


  • Support sheet detent customization by using iOS 15’s new API.
  • Add optional data binding to control the presentation.
  • Support passing values implicitly like Preference and Environment.
  • Add documents
  • Support iOS 13+


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