Application for persisting information about events, setting reminders and keep track of deadlines for photographers and videographers avaliable in App Store

What has been done and what technologies were used in this project:

  • MVC
  • Creating project from scratch
  • UI programmatically
  • Implemented Core Data persistent store with cloud
  • Table View, Collection View with custom cells
  • Used Google place API and MapKit for saving and using location
  • Local Notifications
  • Localization
  • Publishing in App Store, resolving Apple review rejections
  • Animation for button and labels
  • FSCalendar framework
  • Dark mode

Main screen:

  • calendar to select specific date
  • list of events on the selected date with the ability to delete and edit

Add event screen:

  • special fields for entering data with the ability to select ready-made data from the list in some fields and contact from contacts list
  • setting reminders and deadlines
  • adding a location where the shooting will take place

Event details screen:

  • the ability to view all event data on one screen
  • the ability to build a route by clicking on a location
  • the ability to call by tapping a phone number

Deadlines screen:

  • a list of unfinished shootings with the display of the number of days left until the end of the deadline
  • the ability to mark the shooting as ready with a long press

Contacts screen:

  • a list with saved contacts


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