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A performant way to render images in React Native (iOS only) with a focus on speed and memory usage. Powered by Nuke, the smallest and most performant image loading library for iOS and macOS.

The framework is lean and compiles in under 2 secondsĀ¹. Nuke has an automated test suite 2x the size of the codebase itself, ensuring excellent reliability. Every feature is carefully designed and optimized for performance.


  • Fast image loading
  • Memory and disk caching
  • Placeholder support:
  • Animated transition
  • Failure image
  • Typescript support
  • Written in Swift


  1. Add the package to your project:
yarn add @candlefinance/faster-image
  1. Add the following source to the top of your Podfile (iOS 13+):
source ''


import { FasterImageView } from '@candlefinance/faster-image';

  onError={(event) => console.warn(event.nativeEvent.error)}
  style={{ width: 300, height: 300 }}


Prop Type Default Description
url string The URL of the image
style object The style of the image
resizeMode string contain The resize mode of the image
thumbhash string The thumbhash of the image as a base64 encoded string to show while loading
blurhash string The blurhash of the image to show while loading
showActivityIndicator boolean false Whether to show the UIActivityIndicatorView indicator when the image is loading
base64Placeholder string The base64 encoded placeholder image to show while the image is loading
cachePolicy string memory The cache policy of the image
transitionDuration number 0.75 The transition duration of the image
rounded boolean false Round the image into a circle
failureImage string If the image fails to download this will be set (blurhash, thumbhash, base64)
progressiveLoadingEnabled boolean false Progressively load images
onError function The function to call when an error occurs. The error is passed as the first argument of the function
onSucess function The function to call when the image is successfully loaded


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.




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