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Flappy Fly-Bird is an iOS/SpriteKit game written using the latest verion of Swift programming language and GameplayKit.



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There were used graphical resources such as audio, music and images. Those resources are for non commercial use. If you want to reuse the developments in your projects you must remove all the assets.


  • Supports both iPhone & iPad devices
  • Multiple, animated, selectable characters
  • Minimum deployment target is iOS 11.3
  • Swift 5.0
  • Uses GameplayKit for in-game states: Playing, Deatch, Paused states
  • Supports multiple pipe types
  • Difficulty setting
  • Tile-Based pipes: uses the mixture of CoreGraphics and SpriteKit frameworks
  • Property list based persistence for Scores & Settings
  • Protocol-Oriented desing in mind


v 1.0

  • Infinite side-scrolling game
  • Haptic feedback on supported devides
  • Uses state machines
  • Utilizes SpriteKit editor
  • Uses CoreGraphics to construct tile-based pipes
  • Suported both iPhone and iPadscreens
  • Uses simple technique for persistence (for Scores and Settings)

v 1.3

  • 6 playable characters
  • 2 pipe types that make gameplay more unpredictable and enjoying

v 1.4

  • Support for Difficulty setting

v 1.4.5

  • Fixed issue that caused the player node to stuck after the death. The issue was caused by multiple death hander calls and jumbing between Playing and Death states, where some time-dependent actions were run at the same time
  • Added full support for iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max

v 1.4.6

  • Migration to Swift 5.0
  • Minor changes

v 1.4.7

  • Minor updated that includes the support for the latest changes in the language and SDK

v 1.4.8

  • Updated to the latest Swift version and lifted the minimum deplayment target to iOS/iPadOS 12.0


  • New playable characters
  • Unique visual effects for playable characters
  • Achievement system: will be used to unlock new playable characters and visual effects
  • Addition of custom effects when player starts new run and dies
  • Custom scene transitions
  • Game bonuses: another good example of GameplayKitusage
  • New pipe types
  • Level opening animation
  • Setting for game Difficulty


Astemir Eleev


The project is availabe under the BSD 3-Clause “New” or “Revised” License. Remember: you must not use any of the assets in commercial purposes.