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Modifier keys
Modifier keys
Reverse scrolling, Linear scrolling, Universal back & forward Cursor acceleration & sensitivity Modifier keys functionality

Getting started



$ brew install --cask linearmouse --no-quarantine


  1. Download LinearMouse.
  2. Open LinearMouse.dmg, drag & drop LinearMouse to Applications.
  3. Open Applications. Right click LinearMouse and choose Open (to make Gatekeeper happy).

Accessibility permission

LinearMouse requires accessibility features to work properly.
You will see an alert when LinearMouse first launches.

  1. Click “Open System Preferences”.
  2. Click the lock to make changes.
  3. Find LinearMouse in the list and toggle it on.

Accessibility permission
Accessibility permission


Reverse scrolling

LinearMouse will reverse the scrolling direction for mice but keep the direction for trackpads.

This is useful if you use both mice and trackpads.

Linear scrolling

LinearMouse will disable the scrolling acceleration and provide a linear and discrete scrolling
experience, just like in Windows.

If your mouse doesn’t have a smooth wheel, you’ll like this feature.

Universal back & forward

Side buttons on mice do not always work well in macOS, for example, in Safari and Xcode.

LinearMouse translates side button clicks to swipe gestures so that most apps can recognize
back & forward actions correctly.

Cursor acceleration & sensitivity

macOS only provides the ability to configure cursor acceleration which is called tracking speed
in System Preferences. Regardless of how you adjust the tracking speed, the speed curve of cursor
movement may still appear strange.

LinearMouse allows you to customize both cursor acceleration and sensitivity, or even completely
disable cursor acceleration and sensitivity.

Modifier keys functionality

You may empower your modifier keys with additional functionality, such as modifying the scrolling
speed or altering the scrolling oriention.



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