Forestry: A Swift Logging Framework

Our team envisioned a versatile logging framework for iOS projects that could easily cater to specific logging needs. We aimed to facilitate seamless switching between logging services without disrupting the existing codebase. Today, we’re proud to present Forestry – an open-source logging library designed to meet these objectives.


  • One logger to rule them all: whether you’re only interested in logging to the console or need to log billions of records in production, we’ve got you covered!
  • Easy extensibility
  • Supports major external logging services & local file logging out of the box
  • Written in Swift
  • The public API of ForestryLoggerLibrary is fully covered by tests.


Swift Package Manager

Swift Package Manager is a tool for managing the distribution of Swift code. It’s integrated with the Swift build system to automate the process of downloading, compiling, and linking dependencies.

Xcode 11+ is required to build Forestry iOS Logger using Swift Package Manager.

To integrate Forestry iOS Logger into your Xcode project using Swift Package Manager, add it to the dependencies value of your Package.swift:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", .upToNextMajor(from: "3.0.0"))


Core of library is ForestryLogger struct. During initialization you provide logging services to log to

Common usage is as follows:

let log = ForestryLogger(services: [ConsoleLogger()])
let log = ForestryLogger(services: [ConsoleLogger(), SwiftyBeaverLogger()])

It is also possible to instantiate services with convenience functions:

let log = ForestryLogger(service: .console)
let log2 = ForestryLogger(services: [.console, .datadog(clientToken: "", environment: "", serviceName: "")])

You can always expend the functionality by creating your own logging service by conforming to the LoggerService protocol. ForestryLoggerLibrary documentation


Forestry currently includes integrations to following third party logging services.

  • DataDog
  • Sentry (error logging only)
  • SwiftyBeaver Cloud
  • LogRocket


  • Implement Thread support in log() function if possible
  • Implement handling UserInfo in SwiftyBeaverLogger
  • Implement privacy support
  • Implement support for other platforms



Developed by

The good guys from Cleevio.

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