Chanch – Full control of channel and channel width on macOS

Build with swift build in the root directory. Run ./chanch --help for more info.

Chanch is a WiFi channel changer for macOS allowing complete control over channel
number and channel width

USAGE: chanch --status
       chanch <channel-num> [--80 | --40 | --20]

  <channel-num>           The WiFi channel number to change to

  --80/--40/--20          Channel width in MHz.
                          (Usually 80 for the 5GHz band and 20 for the 2GHz band)
  --status                Just print the current channel, don't change it.
  -h, --help              Show help information.

Why not just use airport, you ask? This is why (also a demo of chanch at the same time):



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