Funtraveler provides a place for members to share there trips, they could sync the information and co-edit about there scedules with each other.



  • With real-time data synchronization to add co-editors, you can invite your friend to edit the itinerary together.
  • Integrate the Google Maps in the app, you can search for attractions fast
  • Plan the itinerary automatically, a powerful algorithm that helps you calculate the distance and driving time between the attractions. You don’t need to worry about estimating it.
  • find the sharing post easily. We have brought together an active community where you can find useful travel experience sharing and comments.

Technologies Used

  • Used MVC pattern to define different objects with different responsibilities, and the way that objects interact with each other.
  • Implemented PusherSwift to perform real-time data synchronization and enable users to co-edit the itinerary together.
  • Synchronize data with RESTful APIsㄡ
  • Implement the algorithm to rearrange all times in trip schedule.
  • Utilized CoreLocation to calculate the distance and driving time between the attractions.
  • Apply GoogleMaps SDK to show maps and search for attractions.
  • Utilized GMSPolyline to draw custom marker in googleMaps.
  • Create custom polaroid composite images with CALayer in AVFoundation.
  • Apply two upload methods to upload video with multipart/form-data.
  • Utilized video cache to optimize the transfer of video data on a network to improve performance for users.
  • Developed readable and maintainable codes in Swift using encapsulation in uiview module.
  • Utilized Lottie to display animations.
  • Implemented image downloading and caching via Kingfisher.





  • Xcode 13.0 or later
  • iOS 14.0 or later
  • Swift 5


Sally Lin 林翊婷 [email protected]


Copyright (c) 2022 林翊婷|YITING LIN


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