Le Baluchon

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? About

Le Baluchon is an application for travelers looking to simplify their trip. It offers a currency converter, a multilingual translator and a weather forecast for your destination. All in all, Le Baluchon is an essential tool for any budget-conscious traveler.

? Requirements

The Baluchon is written in Swift 5 and supports iOS 13.0+. Built with Xcode 13.

? Architecture

This application is developed according to the MVC architecture.

? APIs

The Baluchon uses Fixer to convert currency, Google’s Translation to translate text and OpenWeather to return city weather data.

?️‍♂️ How to test

Clone the project

Run git@https://github.com/yann-rzd/LeBaluchon.git


Open LeBaluchon.xcodeproj

Add your API keys

Create a file APIKeys.swift

Add this code:

struct APIKeys { static let currencyKey = "yourAPIKey" static let translationKey = "yourAPIKey" static let weatherKey = "yourAPIKey" }

Replace yourAPIKey with your key.

Build & Run ?


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