iDonateAlert iOS SDK to show donation alerts easily in your app.




  • iOS 11.0+
  • Xcode 14+
  • Swift 5.7+


iDonateAlert is distributed with Swift Package Manager. You can add framework to your project from Xcode’s File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency menu with its github URL:


Default initializer

iDonateAlert can be initialized through, which has default title and message those are presented in the screenshot above.

let alert = iDonateAlert()
alert.present(over: self)

Custom title, message and icon

If you want to use custom title and message, you can use below initializer. You can pass icon to use custom icon.

let alert = iDonateAlert(title: "Donate", message: "Donation lorem impsum...")
alert.present(over: self)

Attributed title and message, and custom icon

You can use .init(attributedTitle:, attributedMessage:) to use attributed parameters for title and messages including your own fonts.

let attributedTitle = NSAttributedString(string: "Donate")
let attributedMessage = NSAttributedString(string: "Donation lorem impsum...")
let alert = iDonateAlert(attributedTitle: attributedTitle, attributedMessage: attributedMessage)
alert.present(over: self)

Custom Action Buttons

By default it has, AHBAP, AFAD and Turk Kizilayi buttons. If you want to add custom buttons, you can set it via:

let alert = iDonateAlert()
// TODO: add URLS
alert.addAction(.init(title: "INDIVIDUAL DONATION", image: nil))
alert.present(over: self)


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