Badge Generator

Generate a "badge" (circular label) for any view and place it in the center or any corner of a given view

Badge Generator uses a lightweight, easy to understand approach to make a circular UILabel with the given text

  • platform: iOS
  • extends: UIView
    • @discardableResult public func setBadge(in direction: BadgeDirection, with text: String) -> BadgeLabel
      • adds a new badge to the view in the given location (BadgeDirection)


In your Xcode project, simply go to File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency.
Then use this repo's URL:


Create, position, and hold reference to a badge

let myView = UIView()
let badge = myView.setBadge(in: .northWest, with: "1")

Increment an integer value by n

This increments the value if it can be converted to Int and update's the badge's text
badge.incrementIntValue(by: 1)

Attempt to increment an integer value, and get the result back

It will fail if the text value can't be converted to Int
let value = badge.incrementIntValue(by: 1)
switch value {
    case let .success(intValue):
    case let .failure(error):

Change a badge's text to "foo"


Remove a badge


Example Badges

These badges are placed on a PreviewProvider, but you can place them on any UIView or in SwiftUI using UIViewRepresentable