What is Voga?

It’s a project that intends to help with sustainability issues in modern society, more specifically in the fashion industry.


The current prototype for this project has 5 main funcionalities (three of which are already developed):


Find places near your location where you can donate or discard your old clothes.

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Know about the fabrics that constitutes your clothes, so you can make more sustainable choices when you are buying something.

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Answer our questions designed to make you think if you really need to buy a piece of clothe, or if it’s already time to donate one that you have.

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Customization Tips

Check out customized content about how to personalize your own clothes to reivent yourself without needing to buy something new.

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This project uses MVP with Coordinator architecture pattern.

Tools and Practices

View Code using UIKit to create views;

Firebase/Cloudkit for external database;

CocoaPods for dependency management;

Figma to prototype.