iOS Test for Openbank by David Moreno Lora


Clone the project and install the dependencies using

pod install

Once the pods are installed, open OpenbankMarvelTest.xcworkspace file.

Start up

In order to be able to use the Marvel’s API, add your public and private keys in Defines.swift. You can obtain them in

Project features

The project is an iOS app that shows a list of Marvel characters using the Marvel’s API. The user can scroll through all the pages, search characters by name and see the detail of each one.

Project architecture

The project follows the VIPER architecture design pattern. We can find two VIPER modules, one for each scene (CharactersList and CharacterDetail).

The group API contains all the elements that make it possible to obtain data from the API. The models are here as well.

The group Common contains some elements that are used by many areas of the app, such as extensions, utils…

The group Services contains the services that act as an interface between the VIPER modules and the networking code.

The group UI contains some abstracted views.

Unit tests

The CharactersList module has been tested using XCTest.


MarvelMobileTest-iOS is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for mor info.


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