This tiny project was built to show how simple it is to add keyboard shortcuts (with UIKeyCommand) to any SwiftUI app. After implementing the main parts below, you'll have the hold-down-⌘ button work in all of the views where you want to support it, listing out every keyboard shortcut available to the user. The user expects it, don't let them down!

Full working example for basic tab switching

If all you want to do is add add Cmd-1, Cmd-2, etc keyboard shortcuts to active different tabs, literally all you need is the following:


  • Add override var keyCommands which returns an array of UIKeyCommand, and a handler to handle those using NotificationCenter
import UIKit

class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {
    override var keyCommands: [UIKeyCommand]? {
        return [
            UIKeyCommand(title: "First Tab", action: #selector(handleKeyCommand(sender:)), input: "1", modifierFlags: .command, propertyList: 1),
            UIKeyCommand(title: "Second Tab", action: #selector(handleKeyCommand(sender:)), input: "2", modifierFlags: .command, propertyList: 2)
    @objc func handleKeyCommand(sender: UIKeyCommand) {
        if let tabTag = sender.propertyList as? Int {
            NotificationCenter.default.post(name: .init("switchTabs"), object: tabTag)


  • Add onReceive to handle the posted Notification and use the selection binding to jump to the correct tab
import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {
    @State private var selection = 1
    var body: some View {
        TabView(selection: $selection){
            Text("First View")
                .tabItem {
                    VStack {
            Text("Second View")
                .tabItem {
                    VStack {
        .onReceive(NotificationCenter.default.publisher(for: Notification.Name("switchTabs"))) { notification in
            if let tabTag = notification.object as? Int {
                self.selection = tabTag

In the full demo, I also show how you can use an ObservableObject and state for a more complicated example, to allow for opening and closing modals, using hidden keyboard shortcuts, etc, but the basics are the same. The app will always look
to the keyCommands defined in the AppDelegate, so based on the user's current view, you would simply return a
different array of UIKeyCommands.

There's a more thorough walkthrough that I'll be writing up on Medium soon, but I wanted to get this out there as soon as
possible as I couldn't find any solution through Google or asking some of the great SwiftUI fans on Twitter and
elsewhere for a clean way to do this. I purposely provided a few different methods to help you find the best way to
integrate these keyboard shortcuts in your apps, and urge you to please add them ASAP. It's just behind adding
accessibility to an app in my view, especially with the amazing new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, you likely have a lot
more users now who will be looking for keyboard shortcuts in your iPad app.

Invisible Keyboard Shortcuts

One more cool thing in here is adding "invisible" shortcuts by leaving the title of your UIKeyCommand empty,
as you can see implemented for modals. Please add support for the universal methods to close any kind of modal
and make the iPad world a better place, ⌘-W and Esc (which will also give you ⌘-. for free, as it sends Esc when used):

UIKeyCommand(title: "", action: #selector(handleKeyCommand(sender:)), input: UIKeyCommand.inputEscape, propertyList: "closeModal"),
UIKeyCommand(title: "", action: #selector(handleKeyCommand(sender:)), input: "W", modifierFlags: .command, propertyList: "closeModal")

Users-Will-Love-You Keyboard Shortcut

I also added in the backtick, as that is where Esc would normally be on a US keyboard, after seeing
the always-awesome-and-funny Christian Selig add it into his equally awesome Apollo app
for Reddit and though it was just too damn clever not use myself in my app:

UIKeyCommand(title: "Close", action: #selector(handleKeyCommand(sender:)), input: "`", propertyList: "closeModal")

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