Kanye Said: WebFetch in SwiftUI App Example

This is an example SwiftUI app that demonstrates how to use the WebFetch package to fetch data from an API and display it in a SwiftUI view.


To use this example app, you can simply clone the repository and open the Xcode project. You may use a simulator or an iOS device to run the app.


Once the app is running on a simulator or device, it will display a random quote by Kanye West fetched from the Kanye REST API. The app uses the WebFetch package to fetch the data from the API.


The generateAnotherQuote function is called when the app loads or when the user taps the "Another One" button. It uses the WebFetch package to fetch data from API.

In the generateAnotherQuote function, the result of the fetch operation is passed to a closure that handles the success or failure of the operation. If the fetch operation is successful, the JSON object is parsed to extract the quote, which is then displayed in the app’s view. If the fetch operation fails, an error message is printed to the console.


The app depends on WebFetch

WebFetch package is already included in the project, so you don’t need to install it separately. Though you may refer to the WebFetch repository for more information if you want to use it in other projects.

Video Demo


Kanye REST API: https://api.kanye.rest/ – The REST API used in this example app to fetch random quotes by Kanye West.


WebFetch is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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