You’ve got a Google Fit and your friend has an Apple Watch. How do you keep up with each another’s workouts and activity?

Hubby is the hub for workout buddies. Powered by Terra, Hubby allows to add any health wearable you have and connect to a platform where you can set fitness score targets, compare with your friends’ scores, and signup for vouchers from fitness providers such a Huel or or PureGym when you reach a certain score.

Built with Javascript and Swift




  • 20 different providers of data
  • Connect with two clicks your provider
  • Sync on a backend your fitness data
  • Labelled data differentiates manual / fake data
  • Swift frontend to present fitness score, vouchers, and leaderboard


  • Leaderboard with all other connected players
  • Vouchers from fitness businesses (both large and growing ones)
  • Personal targets to reach specific vouchers


  • Users are our assets so we don’t charge them
  • Costs will mainly come from data provenance
  • Income will come from partnerships with businesses
  • Growing within the fitness promotion and advertisement space