DonateToUkraine uses monobank’s official donation service. You can always donate on your own:

DonateToUkraine gives you a simple way to provide “donate to Ukraine” functionality in your app via an official donation service (endorsed here). The service will be opened inside the app, keeping a native feel. Apple Pay is supported.

Additionally, DonateToUkraine also provides you with DonateToUkraineButton out of the box in different styles, and a UserDefaults-backed way to track completed donations.

Buttons Step 1 Step 2
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Maintainer: @dreymonde


DonateToUkraine.withDonation(contextViewController: self) { donation in
    // success!

Using DonateToUkraineViewController

let donateVC = DonateToUkraineViewController { donation in
    // donation.amount
    // donation.amount.uah
    // donation.amount.approxUSD
    // donation.donatedAt
    // donation.receiptId
self.present(donateVC, animated: true)

“Donate to Ukraine” buttons

let button = DonateToUkraineButton(
    style: .black,
    variant: .donate,
    contextViewController: self
button.didOpen = { /* ... */ }
button.completion = { donation in /* ... */ }

// or:

let button = DonateToUkraineButton(
    style: .black,
    variant: .donate
button.contextViewController = self


.automatic // .black in light mode, .white in dark mode


Variants (text):

.donate // "Donate to Ukraine", default
DonateToUkraineButton.Variant(rawValue:) // custom text

Donation tracking & history

You can use this to “unlock” some functionality after a donation is made.

if DonateToUkraine.hasDonated {
    /* success! */
let allDonations = DonateToUkraine.donationReceipts
let totalDonatedUAH = DonateToUkraine.totalDonated.uah
let totalDonatedUSD = DonateToUkraine.totalDonated.approxUSD

Note: donation history uses UserDefaults and is cleared on app uninstall.


Swift Package Manager

  1. Click File → Swift Packages → Add Package Dependency.
  2. Enter


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