SwiftUI App Icon Generator App for iOS & macOS Catalyst

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Generate Asset Icons easily to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch


The app has several main features:

  1. Import Image Icon from photo library (iOS) or Document Window Panel/Drag & Drop (macOS)
  2. Generate assets to iPhone/iPad/Mac/Apple Watch.
  3. Drag and Drop the AppIcon.iconsets folder containing the icons and Contents.json to your XCAssets folder in Xcode.
  4. Uses UIActivityViewController to export archived zip on iOS (Airdrop, Mail, Save to Files, etc…)
  5. Uses Document Picket Windo to save the archived zip on macOS.

Getting Started

  • Download Xcode 13 from App Store.


  • Build and run the project using Xcode 13


This project is based on the YouTube tutorial series that you can watch at YouTube


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