In this tutorial, you’ll write your very first Core Data application with SwiftUI in Xcode. You’ll see how easy it is to get started with all the resources provided in Xcode, from using the starter code templates to the Data Model editor.

  1. How to build an impressive Todo iOS and iPadOS application

  2. How to save data permanently to the local database with Core Data

  3. How to add priority for the Todo items

  4. How to delete Todo items

  5. How to create an outstanding Home view with custom illustrations and quotes

  6. How to build a complex Settings view

  7. How to develop a new feature: Alternative Icons

  8. How to develop a new feature: App Color Themes

  9. How to open external links like Web pages, Twitter app, etc.

  10. How to create a subtle animation and enhance the UX

  11. How to support Dark/Light user interface


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