Inspired by Instagram Stories functionality. This source is similar to Instagram Stories which is having both image and video support.





  • Supports portrait orientation(only) in iPhone and all orientations in iPad.
  • Image Support
  • Video Support
  • Long press pause and play
  • Manual swipe between stories
  • Left tap and Right tap gestures to switch between snaps and stories
  • If there is no user interruption, it will automatically move to next snap or next story, once progress bar completes.
  • Image caching handled using NSCache
  • Video caching handled in documents directory using FileManager.

How To Use

  • Open the project(InstagramStories) folder. You can find the Source folder inside.
  • Drag and drop Source folder into your project.
  • In your project use same IGStoryPreviewController.
  • But do not change default code what we have written inside IGStoryPreviewController. You can add code on top of that.
  • Also do not change collectionView custom cell. Use the same IGStoryPreviewCell.
  • Because all the functionalities are handled in the IGStoryPreviewCell only.
  • If there is any issue or stuck somewhere on configuring Source folder on your project, please raise issues on github. We will reply back as soon as possible.


  • iOS 10
  • Xcode 8

Swift v4.2: