Neovide is a sweeeeet GUI for Neovim, but I had two annoying issues.

  1. When multiple instances are running, it is hard to switch between them as each instance is a separate macOS process, and all the processes are named neovide in the ⌘ ⇥ list.
  2. Often, I accidentally run a project that is already running, resulting in a Neovim error related to existing swap files.


So, what NeoHub offers?

  1. Global hotkey that shows a switcher between Neovide instances. You can hit this hotkey from anywhere and activate a project you need.
  2. CLI, which executes new Neovide instances, and if an instance at the current path is already running, it activates it instead of spawning a new one.


  • macOS 13+.
  • Administrative privileges to install the CLI.
  • neovide available in your PATH.


Get it from the Releases.


On the very first launch, you will be asked to install the CLI. This is the only way to launch a Neovide through the NeoHub.

Once installed, the neohub command should become available in your shell. Use it instead of neovide to launch editors. Otherwise, things won’t work.

Hit ⌘ ⌃ N (Command + Control + N) to open the switcher (hotkey is configurable).

P.S. If only one Neovide instance is running, NeoHub will activate it instead of showing the switcher.

Also, you can quit all editors at once by pressing ⌘ Q in the switcher, or just a selected one with ⌘ ⌫.


App icon is by u/danbee.




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