An AR prototype for intravenous (IV) injection. For Julia Micallef and Matt Chan’s project in CSCI 6520G

This is a scripted wizard of oz prototype, where the location of objects are predetermined. The “Press me” button is used to cycle through the pictures to simulate a system that is automatically able to detect tasks being completed, and whether correctly or incorrectly.

Image Detection:

  • A high contrast image is used for the main AR component in this prototype. Be sure to make this image as bright as possible, for the AR device to detect

AR Objects:

  • the AR guides such as the arrow and targets are in a predetermined location, NOT programmed, as this prototype is meant to be in a fixed setting


  • a computer running MacOS or Hackintosh to be able to run XCode
  • a build device, can be an iPad or iPhone. Preferably one with a LiDAR scanner
  • the image for the image detection to work. Can be on a screen or printed out


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