Tell Time

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As a French guy in London, when people told me the time, I was always lost. Now thanks to this app, I can confirm what I hear and what I should say to tell the time

A tiny iOS Swift project with SwiftUI.

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Screenshots of the application from an iPhone


  • 🐰
    Time is written in British english, like It’s twenty past seven AM for 07:20

  • Nice clock gives you the selected time

  • 👆
    You can move the clock arms to set the time

  • 🕰
    Customise the design of the clock (Classic, Art Nouveau or Drawing Style)

  • Display minute/hour indicators or limited hour as your convenience

  • 🗣
    Time can be heard with a British accent

  • 🐢
    You can slow down the spoken utterance in configuration (Speech rate)

  • 👂
    You can activate the Speech recognition to train your pronunciation.

  • 👾
    Today Widget gives you the current time

Icons and illustrations

All artistic work has been made by Mathilde Seyller. Go follow her!

Minimum required to build the project

Works with Xcode 12.

Libraries used

  • SwiftClockUI: SwiftUI library that provide the Clock, with draggable arms and different design and options

  • 🏠
    The Composable Architecture (TCA): library for helping building apps in a consistent and understandable way. Using two main principles: Single point of truth and unidirectional flow. It’s also way more easier to test than any architecture I worked with.

  • 🇬🇧
    SwiftPastTen: Swift framework to provide you the British way to tell the time by passing a “HH:mm” formatted string

  • 🇬🇧
    SwiftToTen: Provide useful Swift function to recognize British english time and try converting it to Date

  • 🗣
    SwiftTTSCombine: Swift Combine framework to use Text To Speech directly wrapped in Combine way

  • 👂
    SwiftSpeechCombine: Swift Combine framework to use Speech recognition directly wrapped in Combine way

  • 📸
    SnapshotTesting: Snapshort testing library from Point-Free to test views