iOS constraint maker you always wanted. Write constraints like sentences in English.
Simple. Intuitive. No frightening abstractions. One file.

  • You want your view‘s height to be equal to width of other view? Here you go: view.make(.height, .equal, to: .width, of: otherView)
  • Or some view‘s width to be 100? Even simpler: someView.make(.width, .equal, 100)
  • Place a view under upper view? You are welcome: someView.make(.top, .equal, to: .bottom, of: upperView, +20)
  • Manage several layout attributes at once, set multipliers and insets? Also possible: view.make([.leading, .trailing], .equal, to: [0.5, 0.8], of: otherView, [20, -20])
  • Set your constraint’s priority? There is a *= operator: view.make(.height, .equal, 44) *= 750

Every make method and *= operator returns you one (or more) NSLayoutConstraint‘s you can store for later use.


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