An iOS library providing developer tools for browsing objects in memory over time, using FBAllocationTracker and FBRetainCycleDetector.

This library shows how FBAllocationTracker and FBRetainCycleDetector can cooperate together, and how they can be used in real app.

It uses FBAllocationTracker to gather information about the objects. It supports generations and retain cycle detection.

Here is a small demo (project is available in Example directory)




To your Cartfile add:

github "facebook/FBMemoryProfiler"

FBMemoryProfiler is built out from non-debug builds, so when you want to test it, use

carthage update --configuration Debug


To your podspec add:

pod 'FBMemoryProfiler'

You'll be able to use FBMemoryProfiler fully only in Debug builds. This is controlled by compilation flag that can be provided to the build to make it work in other configurations.


To start using FBMemoryProfiler you'll first need to enable FBAllocationTracker.

#import <FBAllocationTracker/FBAllocationTrackerManager.h>

int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {
  [[FBAllocationTrackerManager sharedManager] startTrackingAllocations];
  [[FBAllocationTrackerManager sharedManager] enableGenerations];
  @autoreleasepool {
      return UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, NSStringFromClass([AppDelegate class]));

To enable memory profiler:

#import <FBMemoryProfiler/FBMemoryProfiler.h>

FBMemoryProfiler *memoryProfiler = [FBMemoryProfiler new];
[memoryProfiler enable];

// Store memory profiler somewhere to extend it's lifetime
_memoryProfiler = memoryProfiler;

FBMemoryProfiler will show up as a button on the screen. Once tapped, it will open memory profiler in full size mode.

We can also define plugins (check below) and filters for retain cycle detector, that we pass to configuration.

_memoryProfiler = [[FBMemoryProfiler alloc] initWithPlugins:@[[IncredibleCacheCleaningPlugin new],
                                                              [AwesomeLoggerPlugin new]]
[_memoryProfiler enable];