Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI based Kotlin Multiplatform sample project (based on CityBikes API).

Running on

  • iOS (SwiftUI)
  • macOS (SwiftUI)
  • Android (Jetpack Compose)
  • Desktop (Compose for Desktop)

BikeShare Screenshot BikeShare Screenshot

Note that, due to use of Jetpack Compose, Android Studio Arctic Fox is required to build/run the Android client. The iOS and macOS clients have been tested in latest released version of XCode (currently 12.4). When opening iOS and macOS projects remember to open .xcworkspace file (and not .xcodeproj one)

Compose for Desktop client

This client is available in compose-desktop module. Note that you currently need to use EAP version of kotlin plugin and also use appropriate JVM when running (works for example with Java 11)

Note that this makes use of for flag images shown.