Logger lets you quickly send messages to yourself as a means of fast note taking. All messages you send to yourself show up chronologically. Tapping the spacebar before entering any text puts you in a search mode for easy filtering. Hashtags can be used to categorize notes. All data is stored on your device and not shared with the cloud.


To get things up an running locally you'll need the latest version of Go. Run the following commands to get going:

1: Checkout and build:

$ git clone [email protected]:nathanborror/logger.git
$ cd logger
$ go get
$ make test
$ make

2: Build Xcode project:

$ open clients/Logger/Logger.xcodeproj
<Build & Run>


  • [x] Remove experimental state backend
  • [x] Make hashtags tappable (moved to popover until I can devise a cleaner solution)
  • [x] Implement search
  • [x] Make repository public
  • [ ] Ship update to App Store