tiny macOS app for pixel-perfect UI

spiritual successor of GluePrint [RIP]

✦ install:

  1. download lastest version here
  2. unzip and move to /Applications

✦ usage:

  1. open any image file
  2. drag anywhere to move the window
  3. use mouse/trackpad scroll to set opacity
  4. tweak your code until it matches the mockup

 → still in doubt? watch the original demo of GluePrint

for other actions use native macOS keybindings [click to expand]
open file ⌘O
hide window ⌘H
miniaturize window ⌘M
close window ⌘W
quit app ⌘Q

NB: there are no global shorcuts: ensure SilkScreen is the active app for using the actions above

✦ license:

all code in this repo is licensed as MIT credit for app concept and UI goes to @koenbok + @jornvandijk & the team at Framer


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