remindful is a macOS status bar app that displays firm but gentle periodic reminders. It integrates well with the OS and works over fullscreen apps and across spaces. It’s useful for the Pomodoro Technique and reminding you to get up from your desk once in a while.

Left click the menu bar bar icon to toggle reminders, and right click it to access the remindful menu. The default reminder interval is 30 minutes.

remindful has been tested on macOS 13 Ventura but may also work on other versions.

Installing remindful

Install option 1: homebrew

Run brew install --cask --no-quarantine brettferdosi/tap/remindful. will be installed in /Applications.

Install option 2: run the installer (easiset for non-technical users)

Download the most recent installer (RemindfulInstaller.pkg) from the releases page. To run the installer, control-click its icon, click Open, then click Open again. See the Apple support page if the process for running apps from unidentified developers has changed. It will install in /Applications. If there is already a version of on your system, the installer will detect and overwrite it.

Install option 3: build from source

Clone this git repository and run make in it. will be placed into build/Build/Products/Release.

Optional: open at login

Automatically open remindful at login by adding it to the list in System Settings > General > Login Items. See the Apple support page if the location of the list has changed.


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