CardiacAR: Mobile Augmented Reality for Cardiovascular Surgical Planning

License DOI:10.1145/3429360.3468195

An augmented reality-based iOS application aimed to facilitate cardiovascular surgical planning.

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Feature Highlights

Importing and Repositioning Model

Import your own custom heart models and reposition them in the physical space!

CardiacAR Model Import and Reposition

Panning, Scaling, and Perspective View

Using CardiacAR, you can pan, rotate, and scale the model for better angles. You can also move your device through the model by moving it in the physical space to obtain a perspective view of the model.

CardiacAR Panning, Scaling, and Perspective View

Model Slicing

Explore various cross sections of the model to beter understand the details of the heart model. Implement multiple slices and cross sections to narrow your field of view. Preview the slices before confirming them using the “Confirm Slice” button.

CardiacAR Model Slicing

Virtual Annotation

CardiacAR Model Annotation


♥ CardiacAR was developed and maintained by Alex Yang, Pratham Mehta, Jonathan Leo, Duen Horng Chau from Polo Club of Data Science at Georgia Tech.


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   process. In collaboration with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Heart Center (CHOA),
   we are exploring new ways to improve cardiovascular, or heart, surgical planning through
   augmented reality (AR). We are developing CardiacAR , an iOS AR application that enables
   interactive surgical planning on mobile devices. CardiacAR offers powerful and flexible
   tools critical for surgical planning, such as omni-directional slicing of patients’
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CardiacAR is available under the MIT License. CardiacAR uses the Euclid library, which is also licensed under the MIT License.


If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the project, feel free to open an issue or contact Alex Yang.


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