Monitor and terminate/throttle CPU hogging processes in iOS

Vedette is a CPU usage monitoring tweak for processes in iOS like apps and daemons, and terminate/throttle it when they violate the maximum allowed percentage.

One example is the trustd issue that's happening on both macOS and iOS. More info on this issue can be found on this excellent article written by Jeff Johnson here.


This package tested to be working on iOS 14.3. Might or might not work on other iOS version. Though, I think it should work on iOS 10 and above due to the low level API used are supported since iOS 10.


Vedette is NOT cabaret as how Google's first search result show, and definately not the hot girl shown.


  • opa334 - for daemons list population in preferences, taken from Choicy
  • Freepik - Vedette vector


All source code in this repository are licensed under GPLv3, unless stated otherwise.

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