The Cinepedia app uses the database. Mainly, app provides 4 different scenes which are Splash, List, Search and Detail. The whole app builded with VIPER architecture. In addition, a clean network layer is used for the best comminication with API.

The Auto-Layout principls applied when design the views according the guidline warframe. As shown below, the view components showed properly all of the screen sizes:


Generally users can list movies after the checking the internet connection on splash screen. If the internet connection is losed app inform the user and closes the app. Otherwise, after a 1 second users can see the movies list which are contains Up Coming and Now Playin movies.

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User can search movies with using query parameters to fetching data from API. The search is prelimited with 2 characters. With other words, too improve searching quality user can search after typing 3 and more letters on search bar. Also, this method works with waiting typing of users.

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The user can move detail all of the movie items. In the detail scene, app provides imdb link to visiting web page that provides more information. In addition, app has a favorite movie structure which uses the UserDefaults and the main response model of detail service.

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On the other hand, The UITests and UnitTest is added with the fully support of the VIPER design pattern.


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