MultiClock is a screensaver for macOS that displays the current time using 24 clocks. MultiClock is very configurable, with a variety of hand and dial styles and the ability to customize the color of each independently.


Note: This gif has a low framerate. The screensaver itself operates at a fluid 60 FPS.

Preview animation of MultiClock screensaver showing 24 clocks rotate to show the numbers 1234, then a pattern, before rotating back to midnight.
Configuration sheet for the screensaver, showing customizable colors and alternate hand and dial designs



What about 24-hour time support?

If you have macOS set to 24-hour time, the screensaver will automatically use 24-hour time as well. (Well, it’s supposed to, anyway…)


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Open MultiClock.xcodeproj
  3. The ‘macOS’ build target allows you to preview the screensaver and control it manually. Take a look at the bottom of ClockScene.swift to see some keyboard shortcuts. Add your own to test out animations!

Adding Animations

If you’d like to add animations to ClockSaver, the public methods on the Animation class make it easy–they’re very similar to SKActions. For example, a sequence of animations may look like this:

queue(animations: [
    Animation.display(pattern: inwardPointPattern),
    Animation.wait(duration: 5),
    Animation.positionBothHands(minuteDegrees: -45, hourDegrees: -225),
    Animation.spinBothHandsWithDelay(by: 180, delay: 0.2),
    Animation.wait(duration: 5),
    Animation.positionBothHands(minuteDegrees: -225, hourDegrees: -225),
    Animation.positionBothHands(minuteDegrees: 0, hourDegrees: 0),

Completed animations should go in ClockController.swift. Bump up the Int.random() call and add a new case to the switch. Then submit a PR if you think the animation is cool ?

Why are all the degree references in negative? Because I’m too lazy to go back and make them positive after reworking the animation system. Submit a PR fixing it, if you want!



MultiClock was inspired by ClockClock 24 by Humans since 1982.


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