? Music Room – 42 School Project

??? Music Room is a mobile app that offers a new way of experiencing music

? Consuming music is something highly personal.
Even though we love sharing our favorite tracks, lots of people generally listen music
on their own, at work, at home or walking on the street, earphones into ears.

? What if you could experiment music in another way?

? That’s the goal of Music Room! ???


? Music Room is a social mobile app with the following features:

?‍♀️ Social media: creating a user profile is compulsory to access Music Room. Users can enrich their profile and share their musical tastes. You can visit your friend profile and know what they listen to, follow their playlist and help them to create to most joyful playlist ever!

✏️ Playlist editor: users can create playlists on their own or collaboratively and in real-time.

? Music player: Music Room has its own music player so that users can directly listen any Music Room playlist.

? Link a playlist to an event: Music Room allows its users to conceive playlists for a specific event they attend (a birthday party for instance). This playlist will be accessible to invited users only. All physically present guests will be able to enrich the playlists with its favorite tracks.

? Voting feature: users that attend an event can vote for their favorite tracks among the playlist. The playlist order will be adjust in real-time so that most popular tracks can be played in priority.

? Control delegation: a user can delegate its Music Room control to a friend. His friend will be able to choose when and which track is played at any moment

?Chat: to talk with your friends

Technical features:

  • ? Real-time application

  • ? Third-parties integration: Google, Facebook and Spotify SDKs

  • ?Access to the millions of tracks from Spotify

  • ?Rights personalisation: user can control visibility of its activity and also rights of reading and writing over its playlists and events. 

  • ? geolocation

Stacks we used:



Test the app:

? To see a demo

download this video

??‍? Launch the project


  • Install pods pod install
  • Open Music_Room.xcworkspace
  • Launch the simulator on xCode


  • npm i
  • npm start

? To hear sounds with the player, you need to use a real device on the simulator (from xCode).


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