Hi there, This is MVVM example app with RxSwift & RxDataSources & Dependency Injection & UnitTests and more ?

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MVVM with RxSwift Example Features:

  • Real World BasicApp with MVVM and binding using RxSwift you can scale it easly.
  • API Calls with Combine DataTaskPublisher
  • Handle Error with Combine ErrorMaping.
  • Passing data with Combine AnyPuplisher.
  • Handle All App States with RxSwift Observables like loading and error.
  • Initializte Dependencies to ViewModel with Dependency Injection.
  • Advanced Sectioned TableView with RxDataSources.
  • Unit Tests for Usecase and ViewModel with Mocking and Stubs.

Important Notes:

  • open your terminal type ‘cd’ and drag the project folder and type this line:

pod install

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