Swift Composable Presentation

Swift v5.4
platforms iOS

? Description

Navigation helpers for SwiftUI applications build with ComposableArchitecture.

More info about the concept can be found in the article: Thoughts on SwiftUI navigation.

? Project structure

ComposablePresentation (Xcode Workspace)
 ├─ swift-composable-presentation (Swift Package)
 |   └─ ComposablePresentation (Library)
 ├─ Example (Xcode Project)
 |   └─ Example (iOS Application)
 └─ Tests (Xcode Test Plan)

▶️ Usage

  • Check out the included example app:
    • Open ComposablePresentation.xcworkspace in Xcode.
    • Example source code is contained in Example Xcode project.
    • Run the app using Example build scheme.
  • Add as a dependency to your project:

? Develop

  • Use Xcode ≥ 12.5.
  • Clone the repository or create a fork & clone it.
  • Open ComposablePresentation.xcworkspace in Xcode
  • Use ComposablePresentation scheme for building the library and running unit tests.
  • If you want to contribute:
    • Create a pull request containing your changes or bugfixes.
    • Make sure to add tests for the new/updated code.

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? License

Copyright © 2021 Dariusz Rybicki Darrarski

License: MIT