News! LivefrontCodeChallenge

This app uses the NYT API to fetch and display popular aticles. You can filter between popular articles today, last 7 days, and last 30 days.
I use SwiftSoup to scrape the article body and display on the details page so no account is required.

  • Tested using Unit test for API links and keys.
    UItesting done for buttons and gestures.

  • Leak check performed with instruments.


  • Modern UI adabtable to light and dark mode.
  • Skeleton loading views
  • Modern dropdown menus
  • Share article link via sharesheet
  • Copy article link to clipboard

pods used:

  • AlamoFire – simple networking
  • Nuke – safe image downloading and cacheing
  • SwiftSoup – web scraping html
  • DropDown – modern easy dropdown menus